Spanking Video FAQ

Old Tom’s Spank­ing Video FAQ

Why do I call this an FAQ? Because I have often been dis­ap­pointed in pur­chas­ing items such as spank­ing, bondage, fetish, or BDSM video tapes.

You can look at the pics (if any) and descrip­tion (if any) on the box or web­site. But, is it exactly what inter­ests you, or not? You can’t really tell until you’ve watched it.

I also found that my inter­ests shift some­what as one year flows into another. What impressed me as fan­tas­tic five or ten years ago might not impress me today. What inter­ests me now might not have even been con­sid­ered a few years ago.

When I first saw a detailed descrip­tion of a spank­ing video, I was dis­ap­pointed. I fig­ured that spoiled the plot, and there­fore didn’t pur­chase the tape.

Now that I’ve pur­chased a fair num­ber of tapes, I see the ques­tion dif­fer­ently. How do you know if the tape will be “just right” for you?

The best pos­si­ble answer, I think, is to give you a detailed descrip­tion, from some­one who enjoyed the mate­r­ial. If my enjoy­ment reaches you, buy the tape! If not, don’t. How’s that for a sim­ple answer?

Here’s another answer: Cal­i­bra­tion. Once you’ve bought the tape, com­pare your reac­tion to my descrip­tion. Then you’ll be able to judge the rest of my descrip­tion, and find the right answers for yourself.

That’s why I cre­ated this Spank­ing Video FAQ. On to the reviews!

OTK Spank­ing Tape FAQ — Redis­cov­er­ing Red Hot Video

Months — per­haps years — ago, I ordered the lat­est video from Red Hot Video (Now called Bun Beat­ing Fun), vol­ume 7. Each of the sev­en­teen (and now eigh­teen) vol­umes does have a title, but since they’re all pretty much the same thing, the actual title doesn’t really matter.

Or so I thought at the time.

In fact, I was almost embar­rassed to admit that I enjoyed the video. The action was good, but the video was bad. Bad as in taste­less naughty low­brow humor. No refine­ment, no pre­ten­sions, just long hard spank­ings of inter­est­ing women.

For­tu­nately, Greg — our man with the heavy hand — has improved with time. His later videos take on a fla­vor which make them just plain enjoy­able. I can highly rec­om­mend Red Hot, and indeed I’ll do so on the fol­low­ing pages!

I’m not going to repeat some­one else’s work. That is, I’m not going to give you a plot syn­op­sis, and I’m not going to give you pic­tures. You can get that from Greg’s sales site, Bust N Buns (now con­sol­i­dated into Bun Beat­ing Fun). Well, okay, with Greg’s per­mis­sion I’ll put up some pic­tures. It’s nice to see who’s get­ting her OTK spanking!

Greg’s premise is this: Each model is play­ing a part. It’s a fan­tasy. In the ear­lier vol­umes, it’s some­thing of a fan­tasy abduc­tion. The woman is brought in for a pri­vate lap dance. She’s then arbi­trar­ily tossed over his knee and spanked. He really does spank the liv­ing day­lights out of her.

In real life, of course, you can’t just arbi­trar­ily grab and spank mod­els and lap­dancers. Not like that, any­way. I asked Greg about this, and indeed it’s more in the nature of a the­atri­cal per­for­mance. They do take care with the cam­era angles, light­ing, and so on, before the action begins. So relax, enjoy the story line, and have a naughty good time :)

It makes for a great fan­tasy, and that’s pre­cisely what it is. A fan­tasy. I thought I should men­tion that up front :)

When you check out Bust N Buns, you’ll see the story line. He talks about bitches, hoes, brats, and so on. Each “bitch” is play­ing a part. You’ll see no evi­dence of the story line in the video itself — you need to read the web site descrip­tion to know what it’s all about.

So what is on the tape? Some truly fan­tas­tic over the knee spank­ings, bare hand on bare bot­tom. The mod­els are beau­ti­ful, the reac­tions are real. If you like “Beavis and Butthead” humor, print off the web site sto­ry­lines and tuck them in with the video tape.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about the story line. In my opin­ion, there isn’t one. I sim­ply enjoy watch­ing a woman as she’s going through a long hard over the knee spank­ing. Once it hurts enough, there’s no act­ing, no pre­tense. There’s often the ini­tial shock of dis­cov­er­ing how much a bare hand on a bare bot­tom really does hurt.

Every woman does get very thor­oughly spanked! Please check out my reviews:

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