Red Assed Lap Dancing Volume 17 OTK Spanking Video

If you’re unfa­mil­iar with this video series, please read my intro and Vol­ume 7 spank­ing video review.

With Vol­ume 17, we have a bit of fun. The first seg­ment fea­tures Lena and Misty together. The web site gives us no story line, and places Kristalee as the first seg­ment rather than the third. Greg depends on an out­side review, for us to learn what the video’s about. Per­haps Greg made a last-​​minute deci­sion to put Kristalee at the end. If so, he made a good decision!

As Vol­ume 17 opens, we have two mod­els arriv­ing together, with atti­tudes. It’s really tough to blame them, since the dump is every bit as sleazy as they say it is. They do their danc­ing bit; “our man” steps into the other room so that they can take his wal­let and make a run for it.

The rest of the “set up” is so poorly done that it’s almost cool. While we’re out­side the door lis­ten­ing to the strange bumps and protests of bat­tle, the feisty red­head is tied to a chair. We’re then allowed back inside to see her wrists and ankles tied to the chair, with gag in her mouth.

Our bondage artist def­i­nitely fol­lows the Rocky and Bull­win­kle school of thought. Misty plays her “damsel in dis­tress” role to the hilt, mug­ging for the cam­era through­out Lena’s spank­ing. She (Misty, the bound red­head) doesn’t seem to actu­ally be con­cerned about her upcom­ing spanking.

Once across our man’s lap, Lena is the petu­lant brat. She is not a brat, not a brat, not a brat, and remains petu­lantly so through­out her spank­ing. I had the impres­sion that this is far from her first time being spanked as a brat. Indeed I think it likely she would have done the whole thing for free, if she’d just been allowed to get him with a squirt gun before (and after).

Once Lena got her butt into the cor­ner, it was Misty’s turn. This time we have an angry brat. Misty lets loose, to be the angry brat through­out what turns out to be a very nice scene.

This scene devel­ops into some­thing far more inter­ac­tive than any other. He talks with her, forces her to count, and seems to actu­ally get through to her. She remains an angry brat — angry at being caught, I mean — but becomes a well-​​spanked brat with heart­felt tears.

As with Lena, I have the impres­sion that this is far from her first adult brat-​​spanking. To get that good a spank­ing, and to get paid for it, prob­a­bly left her grin­ning for days.

Enter Kristalee.

She’s worth the price of the video all by her­self. Lena in the cor­ner as Misty fought her way into the brat hall of fame was also worth the price of the video, so fig­ure you’re get­ting a two-​​for-​​one deal!

Kristalee is yet another fash­ion model skep­ti­cal of her No Tell Motel sur­round­ings. She gives an hon­est effort, but even­tu­ally is over­come with dis­gust. It’s just as well, because we all know she’s going to be spanked anyway.

After the first few seri­ous swats, you can see Kristalee’s face radi­at­ing the hor­ror of the sit­u­a­tion. She’s obvi­ously never been soundly spanked before — this hurts. I mean really — ahem — HURTS. Her bot­tom almost imme­di­ately turns a dark red, and there’s no doubt she feels the heat.

As her spank­ing con­tin­ues with­out letup, it becomes even more obvi­ous that she’s never before been spanked. She just has no idea. Her potty mouth has no clue. Is it really smart to cuss out the per­son who is already spank­ing your bare bot­tom? She doesn’t make the con­nec­tion. Actu­ally, as I was watch­ing Kristalee, I was think­ing, “this is a social commentary!”

This is a great spank­ing. This was a whole lot more than she thought she was in for, from the begin­ning, and it just goes on and on. What a potty mouth.

Finally, dur­ing the lit­tle bit with the feather, our man points out the con­nec­tion. Now that we have her com­plete atten­tion, she picks it out right away, and says she’s sorry. Of course the potty mouth returns the moment her bot­tom starts burn­ing again. She has a rough time of it, long before it’s over.

This was one of the truly great spank­ings. It’s too bad, but I don’t think Kristalee yet had the wis­dom or matu­rity to ben­e­fit from it. But who knows… maybe she’ll be lucky enough for a return trip!

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