Red Assed Lap Dancing Volume 18 OTK Spanking Video

If you’re unfa­mil­iar with this video series, please read my intro and Vol­ume 7 spank­ing video review.

Spank­ing the Divas

Now that I’ve watched sev­eral of the Red Hot Video series, I see a num­ber of ele­ments which remain the same. Does that make them bor­ing? Not hardly! In fact, the more I see, the more I hope I man­age to col­lect all of the tapes in the series.

A spank­ing with­out con­text is rather point­less. A point­less spank­ing is point­less. Once the story line has been played over and over, it does become point­less. I have now seen the “model with poor atti­tude” sce­nario por­trayed three times per tape, over half a dozen tapes or more. Yet I still like the tapes. Why???

Well, you see, the spank­ing does have a con­text, and a very pow­er­ful one at that. The con­text is the “chem­istry” between the model, and Our Man. I’d pre­fer to skip the fan­tasy, skip the story line, and focus on what’s really hap­pen­ing. (You’ll find my reviews are biased accordingly!)

In each case, Our Man spanks her so hard that there’s very lit­tle room left for act­ing. What we see are the hon­est reac­tions of a woman in the midst of a very sound spank­ing. Such spank­ings, to me, are quite pleas­ant to watch.

Like all other videos of this series, this OTK spank­ing video con­sists of three inde­pen­dent seg­ments. I say “inde­pen­dent,” though as I’ll note later, the sequenc­ing of the seg­ments does add to the enjoyment.


Mak­laryn begins the stan­dard lead-​​in. She walks up to the motel door, openly ques­tions whether this could be the right place, and moves right in to the “lin­gerie shoot” seg­ment of her performance.

This seg­ment con­sists of mutu­ally sar­cas­tic byplay. That might be good, except this is such an unin­spired lin­gerie show. No doubt that’s the point, but it’s a com­pletely dif­fer­ent “feel” from, say, the equiv­a­lent Chanta Rose seg­ment. Nei­ther Mak­laryn nor Our Man are bring­ing out the best in each other.

On this par­tic­u­lar tape, Greg (the pro­ducer) put a cou­ple of min­utes’ worth of pre­views, ads for pre­vi­ous vol­umes in the spank­ing video series. This makes obvi­ous mar­ket­ing sense: If you bought this tape, the pre­views por­tray pre­cisely what you’re look­ing for.

Well, duh! Pre­views sell. But that’s not my point here. In this par­tic­u­lar case, it’s the pre­views that helped me get through Maklaryn’s lin­gerie seg­ment. The per­for­mance is that pathetic.

For­tu­nately for all of us, “pathetic” works! The spank­ing is great. In fact, even though the spank­ing is the point, I would enjoy watch­ing her try again with the lin­gerie. (Try again, mean­ing while she’s still feel­ing well spanked.) As she’s being spanked, the chem­istry is there.

So what of the spank­ing itself? Well, I enjoyed it :)

Mak­laryn is 22, quite pretty, and blonde. She doesn’t come off too well dur­ing the mod­el­ing seg­ment — but she surely does once she’s across Our Man’s lap with her bot­tom exposed! This con­trast makes the spank­ing seg­ment all the better.

This is a good hard bare hand on bare bot­tom over the knee spank­ing. She starts cry­ing imme­di­ately, with almost the first hard OTK spank. This is a seri­ous spank­ing for her — quite prob­a­bly her first as an adult.

Part way through her spank­ing, she’s able to say how old she is (22), but not able to count 22 spanks — or even one. She comes across as a typ­i­cal blonde air­head. In fact, Our Man won­ders aloud if he’s tax­ing her men­tal pow­ers. But, I don’t think that’s the case at all.

I think she’s sim­ply too over­whelmed with the spank­ing to do any think­ing or for­mu­lat­ing of com­plete sen­tences. She’s not think­ing, only react­ing. That state of mind makes for a won­der­ful spank­ing seg­ment with great chemistry.

She’s a very pretty, well spanked young woman. She cries real tears through­out her ses­sion across his lap — and the com­bi­na­tion is delight­ful to see. That’s pro­vided, of course, that you have no par­tic­u­lar objec­tion to a beau­ti­ful woman with a very sore, red, well spanked bottom.

Oh — I for­got — this is another seg­ment where we have a pretty but unknown woman eaves­drop­ping at the motel room door. It’s fun watch­ing her too!

Liz Tyler

Put on the pop­corn! We have another great seg­ment com­ing up. Our Man is improv­ing. That is, the later tapes are prov­ing to have more con­sis­tent quality.

I wish she didn’t start out with that “I stepped in shit” look on her face. But that’s the way they played it. In other words it’s another “bad chem­istry” warmup seg­ment. She’s a ter­ri­ble model and/​or actress — or so she appears.

As she went over his knee, she — well, let me rewind and count. Six swear words in six sen­tences, sum­ma­riz­ing with “How dare you! Do you know who I am???”

As he gets into the swing of things, so does she, with every other word show­ing her a potty mouth.

For­tu­nately, she can seri­ously feel the spank­ing within the first minute or two. Those delight­ful lit­tle catches creep into her voice, bely­ing the ongo­ing potty mouth. She even says, “I’m sorry.” After a pause, she con­tin­ues the sen­tence with “sorry you’re such a…” We won’t repeat what she said!

This is a great “naughty brat” spank­ing. She com­plains, swears, threat­ens her way through­out the spank­ing. Some­how she falls out of her bustier, and she shakes and jig­gles her dis­tress while across his lap.

Funny thing, that. Every sin­gle time Our Man has a woman across his lap, she seems to end up top­less. Liz Tyler gives us a very nice face-​​on series, very nice facial reac­tions as her bot­tom is spanked hot­ter than she can handle.

The tears are there but not too evi­dent. But the sobs and snif­fling are clearly real. Her bot­tom is very red.

And he hasn’t even pulled down her panties yet! This spank­ing looks like it should be about over. She’s def­i­nitely been spanked to Our Man’s usual stan­dard. She’s still mad, but has long since stopped fight­ing. Still… the panties (just a thong, pro­vid­ing no pro­tec­tion what­ever) are up. We haven’t even “unwrapped the package.”

Liz Tyler is sob­bing, beg­ging, pas­sive, very pretty.

Down come the panties, and Our Man pro­ceeds to spank the snot out of her. Eewww.

Then she gets a good hard seri­ous over the knee bare bot­tom spanking.

Now Our Man has her com­plete atten­tion. She is focused. Sud­denly we have one of the world’s great Naughty Brat Spank­ings. Those last few moments are worth the price of the tape.

She con­tin­ues to cry a bit as she lays there recov­er­ing. There’s no doubt what­ever that this is real. And memorable :)

Alex (Lexis)

Alex (who calls her­self Lexis on tape) is remark­ably pretty. I liked her from the first moment of this seg­ment. She didn’t bother with that “I stepped in shit” look on her face. She can han­dle her role with­out less­en­ing her­self. She has a matu­rity, has it “together” in strong con­trast to Mak­laryn and Liz Tyler. Lexis is the the Big Lea­guer bat­ting cleanup after the sand­lot wanna-be’s.

Greg made a good choice in plac­ing Lexis third on the tape. We just fin­ished one of the World’s Great OTK Spank­ings, tears and snot every­where. We know that spank­ing hurt.

Lexis plays her role with a dry sense of humor just beneath the sur­face. No potty mouth this time! This seg­ment por­trays a woman — young, blonde, beau­ti­ful to be sure — in stark con­trast to those spoiled pot­ty­mouth lit­tle kids who pre­ceded her.

Does the spank­ing hurt? No ques­tion about that! It hurts — and she han­dles it. No cat­er­waul­ing here. She’s a class act.

The lin­gerie seg­ment earns her a spank­ing — who would have guessed — but the byplay is delight­ful. Once across his lap, the byplay continues.

That is, she con­tin­ues the com­ments in the same dis­dain­ful tone of voice. Sure, she’s across his lap, and thanks to Liz Tyler’s per­for­mance we know it hurts from almost the very first smack, but she doesn’t bother to notice she’s being spanked.

Long past the point where Mak­laryn and Liz Tyler were bawl­ing their eyes out, Lexis is con­tin­u­ing the sar­cas­tic con­ver­sa­tion. She is pure class — and smart — refrain­ing from taunt­ing Our Man about not spank­ing her hard enough or any­thing. She sim­ply keeps up the dis­dain­ful byplay, ignor­ing the spank­ing completely.

She asks, “Does it bother you that I can stand it this long?” and you know what? I get the feel­ing that it does! She takes one heck of a spanking.

When it’s over, she has to kneel on the ground for a few moments to absorb the reac­tion. She does not lay on the floor snuf­fling like her pre­de­ces­sors. She’s not both­er­ing to feel sorry for her­self. There’s no doubt that it did hurt. She’s very cute, kneel­ing there cov­er­ing her chest with her arms — funny how they all end up top­less when Our Man’s tar­get is the other direc­tion. She’s pure class, calmly assim­i­lat­ing the pain, and then she’s up and still game.

Lexis makes the tape, in my opin­ion, by show­ing those two snot­nosed wannabe’s how it’s done.

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