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Hi Every­one! I’m updat­ing the Old Tom Archive to look a lot nicer. I’m mov­ing the sto­ries into Word­Press for­mat as you see here. Dozens more Can­ing and Spank­ing Sto­ries, and Essays, to come. Welcome!

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Red Assed Lap Dancing Volume 18 OTK Spanking Video

If you’re unfa­mil­iar with this video series, please read my intro and Vol­ume 7 spank­ing video review.

Spank­ing the Divas

Now that I’ve watched sev­eral of the Red Hot Video series, I see a num­ber of ele­ments which remain the same. Does that make them bor­ing? Not hardly! In fact, the more I see, the more I hope I man­age to col­lect all of the tapes in the series.

A spank­ing with­out con­text is rather point­less. A point­less spank­ing is point­less. Once the story line has been played over and over, it does become point­less. I have now seen the “model with poor atti­tude” sce­nario por­trayed three times per tape, over half a dozen tapes or more. Yet I still like the tapes. Why???

Well, you see, the spank­ing does have a con­text, and a very pow­er­ful one at that. The con­text is the “chem­istry” between the model, and Our Man. I’d pre­fer to skip the fan­tasy, skip the story line, and focus on what’s really hap­pen­ing. (You’ll find my reviews are biased accordingly!)

In each case, Our Man spanks her so hard that there’s very lit­tle room left for act­ing. What we see are the hon­est reac­tions of a woman in the midst of a very sound spank­ing. Such spank­ings, to me, are quite pleas­ant to watch. (more…)

Red Assed Lap Dancing Volume 17 OTK Spanking Video

If you’re unfa­mil­iar with this video series, please read my intro and Vol­ume 7 spank­ing video review.

With Vol­ume 17, we have a bit of fun. The first seg­ment fea­tures Lena and Misty together. The web site gives us no story line, and places Kristalee as the first seg­ment rather than the third. Greg depends on an out­side review, for us to learn what the video’s about. Per­haps Greg made a last-​​minute deci­sion to put Kristalee at the end. If so, he made a good decision!

As Vol­ume 17 opens, we have two mod­els arriv­ing together, with atti­tudes. It’s really tough to blame them, since the dump is every bit as sleazy as they say it is. They do their danc­ing bit; “our man” steps into the other room so that they can take his wal­let and make a run for it.

The rest of the “set up” is so poorly done that it’s almost cool. While we’re out­side the door lis­ten­ing to the strange bumps and protests of bat­tle, the feisty red­head is tied to a chair. We’re then allowed back inside to see her wrists and ankles tied to the chair, with gag in her mouth. (more…)

Red Assed Lap Dancing Volume 16 OTK Spanking Video

If you’re unfa­mil­iar with this video series, please read my intro and Vol­ume 7 spank­ing video review.

Chas­tised Bimbos

Chanta Rose

Vol­ume 16 is eas­ily my favorite of the four I’ve seen. For each of the three seg­ments, I would say “buy it” just for that one seg­ment. Just pay full price like I did, and you get all three segments!

Chanta Rose has (to an Amer­i­can ear) a delight­ful accent, and her role exactly matches. Greg seems to have hit upon a for­mula that works… Invit­ing top fash­ion mod­els to a no-​​budget motel for a video shoot. They cop an atti­tude, and he spanks them. If you’re in love with fash­ion, you can visit these web­sites at 레플리카. You’ll love this one.

Chanta Rose does the atti­tude per­fectly. Nor is she stu­pid. She knows what it means to be bot­tom up across a man’s lap, regard­less of the pretext.

She keeps the con­ver­sa­tion going through­out her spank­ing, even with tears drip­ping off her nose. No trash mouth; she actu­ally has a vocab­u­lary. She’s a plea­sure to watch. (more…)

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