Red Assed Lap Dancing Volume 16 OTK Spanking Video

If you’re unfa­mil­iar with this video series, please read my intro and Vol­ume 7 spank­ing video review.

Chas­tised Bimbos

Chanta Rose

Vol­ume 16 is eas­ily my favorite of the four I’ve seen. For each of the three seg­ments, I would say “buy it” just for that one seg­ment. Just pay full price like I did, and you get all three segments!

Chanta Rose has (to an Amer­i­can ear) a delight­ful accent, and her role exactly matches. Greg seems to have hit upon a for­mula that works… Invit­ing top fash­ion mod­els to a no-​​budget motel for a video shoot. They cop an atti­tude, and he spanks them.

Chanta Rose does the atti­tude per­fectly. Nor is she stu­pid. She knows what it means to be bot­tom up across a man’s lap, regard­less of the pretext.

She keeps the con­ver­sa­tion going through­out her spank­ing, even with tears drip­ping off her nose. No trash mouth; she actu­ally has a vocab­u­lary. She’s a plea­sure to watch.

Chanta Rose does end up nude and feel­ing sorry for her­self, while con­tin­u­ing to be spanked. She con­tin­ues the con­ver­sa­tion with tears run­ning down her cheeks and off the tip of her nose… but she’s such a delight to watch, that I don’t see this as a prob­lem at all.

Then she’s dumped off his lap, and told to get her ass in the cor­ner. It’s a great cor­ner scene, nude but with her hair so long it almost cov­ers her nicely-​​reddened bot­tom. The eaves­drop­ping red­head con­tin­ues to lis­ten at the door.

Then it’s across his lap again, for the real spank­ing. Like I said, this one seg­ment makes the whole tape.


There is no way to pre­pare a woman for how much a spank­ing actu­ally hurts. Hey, it’s just a spank­ing, right? The truth can be an aston­ish­ing, hor­ri­fy­ing, sur­prise. The next seg­ment, “Heaven,” is the clas­sic story of a woman dis­cov­er­ing this truth. Never has this dis­cov­ery hap­pened to a more deserv­ing young woman.

Her vocab­u­lary seems to be lim­ited to one state­ment of blas­phemy, and one state­ment of dis­tress. But her trash­mouth can say the same thing over and over again in so many dif­fer­ent ways, and with such feel­ing.

Her pre­lim­i­nar­ies con­sist of poorly done stuff along the lines of a lap­dance, with a bad atti­tude. This fits her per­sona; she knows it all, can han­dle any­thing and every­thing — and comes to a rude awakening.

The first moments of her spank­ing are worth the cost of the tape. She imme­di­ately real­izes — loudly, with her spe­cial potty-​​mouth way of express­ing things — that she’ll be cry­ing. She imme­di­ately sets about var­i­ous ways of han­dling it.

Her spank­ing is as thor­ough as it is well deserved… potty mouth to the end.


Alex announces her­self as Deb­bie on the phone but then calls her­self Alex in the lin­gerie shoot. Either way, she’s a stat­uesque brunette with a pleas­ing voice.

She starts with the atti­tude imme­di­ately. Dur­ing the lin­gerie shoot, she com­plained, “I just want to get this over with.”

Good point. So do we.

I must say, she looks great in the lin­gerie. Before too long, for­tu­nately, she dives into her tirade. “This is bull­shit. I am outta here in one minute.”

Guess what? She isn’t.

Across his lap, she’s a screamer. A drama queen. “I’m a good girl! Ahhh!” she con­tin­ues as a scream.

The long-​​haired blonde arrives to eaves­drop at the door and appre­ci­ate the predicament.

Mean­while, back at the lap…

The scream­ing, hol­ler­ing, and flap­ping con­tin­ues. But I’m not really buy­ing it. These are just a brat’s “drama queen” preliminaries.

I get the impres­sion that she’s flapped her way through a brat spank­ing before. She’s hav­ing fun: Poor me, the cen­ter of atten­tion! As I’m watch­ing, won­der­ing if we’ll get down to the real Alex, Our Man stops!

He stands her up and strips off her top. Back across his lap she goes, hol­ler­ing and bounc­ing. All is right with the world.

Our brat is hav­ing a hard time keep­ing from laugh­ing at her own humor. She is quite the source of wit, with that non­stop mouth of hers.

This was a very dra­matic spank­ing. she put on a great show for the camera!

I felt this spank­ing was over far too soon. But it wasn’t. This was more the “I Love Lucy” school of brat spank­ing. Spank ‘em, but leave ‘em so that they’ll come back for more.

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