Bun Beating Fun: Vivian

Vivian” is the sec­ond video of the three-​​part Bun Beat­ing Fun series “Arial Adore,” “Vivian,” “Laci Star.”

Vivian is the expensively-​​dressed, artic­u­late and glam­orous agent who sent over “Arial Adore” among other (unnamed) models.

With Arial Adore in the cor­ner dis­play­ing her painfully red bot­tom, Vivian arrives to check up on this “chicken shit oper­a­tion” and find out if “every­thing is copacetic.”

How do you rep­re­sent them?”

I’m their agent.”

Vivian demands to know where is the model she sent over. Our Man points.

Can I ask you… what the FUCK you did to her?”

I think it’s called a Spank­ing. A lit­tle behav­ior modification.”

Vivian came to be con­fronta­tional. That was clear from how she knocked on the door. It’s not get­ting any better.

Our Man details the crimes which earned Arial her spanking.

Well given your char­ac­ter it doesn’t sur­prise me one BIT. You were prob­a­bly ask­ing for every bit you got.”

Our Man offers to show her. He grabs her ear to take her to the spank­ing ottoman.

Let me go! You have no right!” Arm around her waist, Vivian is going nowhere but over his knee, bel­low­ing angry threats and objec­tions the whole way over.

We get a glimpse of Arial peek­ing and grimacing.

Across his lap, Vivian is too shocked and offended to say much except “How dare you!” over and over. The spank­ing begins over her dress.

It won’t be long before our Man stops to unzip the back of Vivian’s dress and pull the hem up above her bottom.

With more “How Dare You’s,” Vivian demands he not rip her dress. “This is a five thou­sand dol­lar dress.” And she does look good; the dress fits her well.

It’s time to set­tle back to enjoy a lively spank­ing. Arial remains against the wall, nude, her red bot­tom on display.

Our Man explains the same rules. Calm down. The spank­ing will con­tinue until she is ready to apol­o­gize for this kind of behavior.

She’s not strug­gling to get off his lap, but she sure is loudly object­ing to the event. It’s a great con­ver­sa­tion, with good chem­istry. For her part, every­thing she says is said at top vol­ume. “You’re a mon­ster. You’re not sorry for any of it! I’m not a brat and nei­ther of my mod­els are and don’t you for­get it!”

Vivian’s a “spoiled brat” get­ting a very hard, long, bare bot­tom spank­ing while object­ing at the top of her lungs. Like I said, it’s fun chem­istry and a great spanking.

There are soon tears in her facial expres­sion if not vis­i­ble on her face. This will be the case through­out the scene. We never see actual tears, but she’s cry­ing by the end. 

This spank­ing hurts, and she’s still loudly object­ing. Her thighs are very red too. “A rude insen­si­tive witch repon­si­ble for every one of the spank­ings your mod­els got.”

Maybe you should think about that apol­ogy…” She’s snif­fling. “Your power’s just an illu­sion… shame on you for man­han­dling me like this.” The tears are in her voice.

You need to stop this non­sense.” “I’ll stop when you apol­o­gize.” “You’re of low char­ac­ter.” You can hear the cry­ing in her voice.

They dis­cuss the apol­ogy. “It has to be sin­cere. I don’t think you’re there yet.” She gets a few more just to make sure, and she actu­ally is look­ing sin­cere. She avows “I AM a good girl.”

She’s to get up and take off this five thou­sand dol­lar dress and throw it in a cor­ner where it belongs. She is go bring him the pad­dle and ask him for a spank­ing with it. She needs to get rid of all that evil venom.

Our Man helps her remove her lit­tle black dress.

Stand­ing nude, she even­tu­ally gets out the request to spank her. She has trou­ble get­ting back over his knee, “it hurts so bad already.” And there’s no ques­tion it does.

This spank­ing with the table ten­nis bat is real. She yelps delight­fully at every smack.

Then it’s her turn, nude, against the wall right where her model was before she snuck out. Hands on her head, elbows against the wall, legs spread, bot­tom pushed out. She’s cry­ing, but no tears, feel­ing very sorry for herself.

Then she’s back across his lap, get­ting some lotion rubbed on so she’ll be bet­ter able to make it back home on the train.

Um sir, I was think­ing if I may…”

You may.”

I have a cou­ple mod­els maybe who could use the work.”

Well, that would be great. You think I’m the right per­son for the models?”

You could be… I’ll send ‘em your way shortly.”

I’ll send them back to you much bet­ter than they were when they got here. Just like you are bet­ter than when you got here.”

I do think that they, um, might ben­e­fit from some behav­ior modification.”

I would be happy to pro­vide the mod­i­fi­ca­tion if they need it.”

We could have a mutu­ally ben­e­fi­cial sym­bi­otic rela­tion­ship if you will.”

Every­one can stand a lit­tle improvement.”

This video was a delight­ful fun scene, with an actual plot, and I don’t mind telling you that two weeks later, Vivian sends around Laci Star.


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