Red Hot Video 10: Hot Crossed Buns

This is one of the older Red Hot Videos, pub­lished 2005:


It’s one of the few with two con­nected seg­ments. As such I find it delightful!

We begin with Natalya, age 22, together with Azu­ray age 20. Azu­ray is clearly the adult of the two.

The final seg­ment is Valerie, age 29, a lin­gerie model who receives one of the hard­est and most intense spank­ings ever filmed by Red Hot Video.

Natalia Ashe

Natalia (yes the name is spelt three dif­fer­ent ways) and Azu­ray arrive together for a lark. Natalia is intox­i­cated, and pulls out a bot­tle as she’s ready for her audi­tion. Azu­ray, the adult, takes the bot­tle from her and set­tles in the corner.

This is one of the older videos, and that means we start out with the strip­per rou­tine. It’s pathetic. We keep cut­ting to Azu­ray who’s apol­o­giz­ing for Natalia’s behav­ior. Natalia grabs the bot­tle for another large swig.

Azu­ray can see what is com­ing and she approves. Dur­ing the early part of the spank­ing, Natalia kicks and com­plains, but she’s not really feel­ing. Azu­ray con­tin­ues to egg Our Man on.

Even with Natalia the cen­ter of the action, this seg­ment is about Azu­ray. That’s what makes this seg­ment delight­ful. There’s Natalia loudly get­ting her bot­tom roasted and it’s a side issue. It just doesn’t matter.

Azuray’s get­ting off, stuff­ing the cash in her brassiere and later down her slacks. “Keep spank­ing her.” Azu­ray is seri­ously enjoy­ing this. This just might not be the first time she’s spent her day apol­o­giz­ing for Natalia.

In due time, Natalia’s panties come down. By golly, she DOES know she is being spanked, and spanked hard!

Our Man pours some of the liquor on her burn­ing bot­tom and resumes the spank­ing. Natalia’s more ani­mated now!

We cut to Azu­ray to see her half undressed and thor­oughly enjoy­ing her­self. Cut back to Natalia and she has some­how lost her top. She’s now wear­ing panties around her thighs, shoes, and noth­ing else. And she’s being spanked. Hard.

Our Man dumps Natalia off his lap and onto the floor. She runs for the bath­room, where two bot­tles are in the sink on ice, and cools her bare bot­tom off. 

She returns to the room, panties at half mast, to yell at Our Man, “you fuck­ing jerk.”

Bad idea.

Now she gets the REAL spank­ing. It’s only two or three min­utes but it’s surely one of the most mem­o­rable cou­ple of min­utes on video. The anger has changed to tears and protest. This woman is well spanked.

Azu­ray announces, “That was real good.” She’s enjoy­ing her­self for sure. Natalia lays there cry­ing while Azu­ray says “that was nice.”

Natalia stands, gets her panties up, goes to sit down and leaps back up.

Azu­ray, all warm and wig­gly, asks, “What about me? Gonna play with ME?”


Azu­ray con­tin­ues to ask, “Wanna play with ME?” The funny thing is, the Azu­ray clip is only seven min­utes long. That tells me that Azu­ray is about to encounter a BIG surprise.

I can’t wait! Roll the segment!

Oh oh! We seem to have our wires crossed!

Azuray’s invit­ing Our Man “to bed,” while he’s plac­ing her across his lap bot­tom up.

What are you doing? … No, what are you doing? … Ow! Ow, ow, ow!”

Natalie is sit­ting now, still top­less, smil­ing. She doesn’t seem to mind see­ing Azu­ray get spanked. Per­haps she remem­bers how Azu­ray was con­ti­nously egging Our Man on? Per­haps he bot­tom still burns as a result? “Yes!”

Azu­ray declaims, “Ow, you fuckin idiot… Stop! It hurts, oh please stop!”

Natalie adds in, “Yeah, keep going,” with a smile.

Oh, you sick bas­tard.” Could she really not know what she was invit­ing? At age 20, she’s gain­ing the greater edu­ca­tion of the two!

She’ll do any­thing to get out of this spank­ing. “I told you I’d sleep with you.”

Natalia is hav­ing none of this. She opens a Bud and pours the beer over Azuray’s hot bare bottom.

With the next flurry of spanks, Our Man has Azuray’s com­plete atten­tion! Our Man soon dumps her off his lap. Game over.

Azu­ray lay­ing on the floor in mid-​​hissy-​​fit, Natalia asks, “how do YOU like it?”

She doesn’t.

Our Man opens a fresh beer.


With Valerie, we move from the strip­per for­mat to the mod­el­ing gig. It’s an improvement!

How­ever, Valerie is clearly hav­ing an off day. She’s snippy, bitchy, and def­i­nitely not fun to be around. “Who wrote this crap?”

Okay, let me get this right. I’m going to lay across your lap and you’re going to take pic­tures of my panties?”

Nah, I don’t believe that either. Even more unbe­liev­ably, she DOES lay across his lap. After being so bitchy with Our Man, that’s a Bad Place to Be. Trust me on that.

This is a Real Spank­ing from the out­set. She’s bounc­ing every­where. He needs to hold her hand behind her back to keep it out of the way. He holds her by her legs so she doesn’t crawl off.

She’s being spanked hard, very hard, and doesn’t she know it.

Valerie is a trouper. She’s stay­ing there, tak­ing it, but this spank­ing is over­whelm­ing her. This IS a hard spank­ing — and we’re not even half way done!

Valerie is sorry, oh so sorry. But the hard spank­ing continues.

They stop for a bit, still over his lap, and she’s beg­ging con­tin­u­ously for “no more.”

When Our Man resumes, the sobs are in her voice.

Her top has spon­ta­neously dis­ap­peared. Clearly she’s had some off-​​camera rest peri­ods. Then she’s back across his lap for more. It’s devastating.

This is a beau­ti­ful woman being pun­ished for real. Sure, the scene is con­trived, but she is SINCERE. She’s tak­ing the spank­ing, and she’s beg­ging, and she IS sorry. She’ll do any­thing, any­thing at all, but her only option is to leave her bot­tom poised for Our Man’s heavy hand.

We pause for a few indi­vid­ual spanks. The sobs are in her voice, begin­ning to gulp a bit. The tears have come, soon to be drip­ping off her cheeks. Valerie’s head is fully, intensely, present in the scene. For Valerie this is as real as it gets.

After another flurry, Valerie bounc­ing all over, her hands back to pro­tect her­self, Valerie’s sound­ing short of breath. This is intense.

Another flurry! It’s not over yet. Valerie just about loses it. She’s frantic.

A pause.

Another flurry of 34 big hard spanks. Valerie’s eyes are HUGE. Our Man has her com­plete attention.

Our Man dumps her off his lap, to lay on the floor. It’s over.

I have no remain­ing ques­tions: Valerie is def­i­nitely as sorry as she can be!


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