Bun Beating Fun: Laci Star

Laci Star” is the third of a three-​​part series by Bun Beat­ing Fun. You’d never know there was an actual plot car­ried through the three scenes; there is no indi­ca­tion in the video descrip­tions on the web site. All three are long, hard, bare bot­tom spank­ings with a spe­cific pur­pose (thus the plot line).

We opened with “Arial Adore” arriv­ing with an atti­tude. She’s soon had enough of the bogus photo shoot. She calls her agent, “Vivian,” and demands Vivian drop every­thing and come check up on this “bull­shit” operation.

Arial Adore receives a long, hard, bare bot­tom spank­ing. Once she’s stand­ing against the wall, nude with angry red bot­tom on dis­play, Vivian arrives to check up on this “chicken shit operation.”

Vivian expe­ri­ences the oper­a­tion for her­self. “It’s called a spank­ing. A bit of behav­ior mod­i­fi­ca­tion.” Vivian cre­ates a wholly dif­fer­ent atmos­phere from Arial, object­ing at the top of her lungs but remain­ing in place.

After Vivian too has had her time at the wall, sore bot­tom and thighs on dis­play, she is across Our Man’s lap get­ting cream applied. She feels she has some mod­els who could stand some improve­ment. Could she send a cou­ple to Our Man for behav­ior mod­i­fi­ca­tion, form­ing a mutu­ally ben­e­fi­cial sym­bi­otic relationship.

Two weeks later, Laci Star arrives for her photo shoot with Our Man. Her agent, as it hap­pens, is a woman named Vivian.

Laci Star” opens with a silent movie slide explain­ing “Two weeks pre­vi­ous…” and we see a replay of Vivian snif­fling against the wall, fol­lowed by her over-​​his-​​lap pro­posal of a mutu­ally ben­e­fi­cial sym­bi­otic relationship.

Two short weeks later…” Don’t do it, Laci! It’s a trap!

Laci Star is blonde, listed as age 22, occu­pa­tion Model, and “Made the mis­take of piss­ing off a model agent who did busi­ness with us. Tsk-​​tsk.”

You can’t help but feel badly for the naïve young woman. She’s been set up, and by her own agent. Ah, well. The scene has already been filmed. What’s done is done, so we might as well sit back and watch how it plays out.

It’s going to be painful.

Hi, is this Red Hot Video?”

Yes it is. Who are you?”


Oh! Laci, the model?”


You’re late.”

I know. You’re lucky I came at all.”

Yes. So lucky. Very lucky.”

Oh, the poor girl. It’s a trap.

It does not take her long to get tired of this. For­tu­nately we don’t get to see much of it. “Come on, what’s the sour face for?”

You know what, I’m going to make a phone call. This will just be one second.”

Oh, oh! It’s Vivian, and she’s laughing.

With Vivian prob­a­bly still on the phone, Our Man grabs Laci by her ear and plops her across his lap.

The panties come off, and her bot­tom turns red very quickly.

Our Man explains that she is here because she’s a brat. Vivian sent her here because she knows that. Our Man spe­cial­izes in mak­ing bratty girls good.

He explains that this will go on until she apol­o­gizes. He hopes it won’t be too soon, because he’s enjoy­ing this.

Laci’s bare bot­tom gets very red very quickly. This spank­ing is real! He reminds her of the rules, “When you apologize.”

Not­ing that it appears she’s never been spanked before, he expains that she’s about two spanks away from not being able to sit com­fort­ably for about 24 hours. He lays on a flurry of spanks that clearly has her attention.

I’m sorry.”

She needs to explain what she’s sorry for. “I don’t want to say.”

I’m afraid that means another flurry of spank­ing. Her head is right there; he has her com­plete atten­tion. This is an intensely per­sonal expe­ri­ence for Laci. I don’t actu­ally know if she’s ever been spanked before, but there’s no doubt that this is an expe­ri­ence she’ll remember.

Her bare thighs are sen­si­tive too. Ouch!

As with Arial and their agent Vivian, it’s a scene with great chem­istry, and it’s an entirely dif­fer­ent chem­istry from either of the other two scenes.

Our Man pauses so she can con­tem­plate her deci­sion here. Then it’s another flurry on her exposed bare bottom.

Laci hollers, “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” squirm­ing with her arm held out of the way. She’s get­ting it but good.

What is she sorry about? “For being a brat.” This is a dev­as­tat­ingly effec­tive spank­ing. She’s not to the “give in” stage, but she’s awfully sorry. And her bare bot­tom is STILL get­ting spanked, right through her Sorry’s.

Such a naughty girl…” “No, no, no…”

This is a 22-​​year-​​old woman, but she’s awfully sorry and sure knows she is being spanked.

So you’re really ready to apol­o­gize?” “Fuck you.”

You can per­haps envi­sion what hap­pens next to the woman with a sore red bot­tom exposed across his lap. You’re right, and then some!

You’re now approach­ing two days of not sit­ting. I’m almost start­ing to feel sorry for you. Not quite though.”

Just remem­ber the rules of the game here. When you’re ready to apol­o­gize, and you will be, I might not stop here.”

This leads to another hard flurry of spanks on her woe­fully exposed bare bot­tom and thighs. She’s squirm­ing, you can begin to hear the tears in her voice, but not try­ing to escape. She’s get­ting very close to being sorry.

He explains that Vivian sent her here. Spank­ing naughty girls is his spe­cialty. These prima dona mod­els who think they’re so beau­ti­ful that they can “shit on every­body.” She’s here for some behav­ior modification.

He explains that she can take as long as she wants before she decides to apol­o­gize. His hand does not hurt and he enjoys spank­ing naughty girls.

There’s soon a bit more des­per­a­tion in her body lan­guage. She’s across his lap with her right arm held out of the way at her side. Her left arm is behind his back. She is one well-​​spanked beau­ti­ful young woman begin­ning to real­ize this could go on for far longer than she can handle.

The real spank­ing has begun. It’s in her head, and she’s get­ting desperate.

Remem­ber Vivian sent you here.”

She’s fired.”

He stops for a moment, and with a bit of reflec­tion and snif­fling, she’s ready to apol­o­gize. She’s even sorry for being a brat.

Another flurry, and she avows she’s really sorry.

Now it is time to get up and bring him her hair brush, and ask him nicely to spank her with it. Twenty more hard spanks with the hair brush.

The hair brush scene is every bit as intense as we’d expect at this point. Laci is such a sorry young prima dona that she goes through with it.

Then it’s against the wall, back arched, bare and blind­ingly sore bot­tom stick­ing out. She’s whin­ing and snif­fling to her­self. Clearly it DOES hurt.

Vivian, I know she set this up. Bitch.”

Stick through the end cred­its. You’ll get one more glimpse of a very well spanked young lady.


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