Bun Beating Fun: Arial Adore

The Bun Beat­ing Fun video “Arial Adore” car­ries a delight­ful story line through three videos — Arial Adore, Vivian, Laci Star. There’s no indi­ca­tion in the video descrip­tions that the three are con­nected. But they are, and it’s a fun story!

Bun Beat­ing Fun” is the mod­ern dig­i­tal ver­sion of Red Hot Video. All episodes are about 20 min­utes. The mem­bers site gives you access to vir­tu­ally all episodes ever made. There is also a DVD store and I think there is also a pay-​​per-​​view arrangement.

I highly rec­om­mend the Arial Adore, Vivian, Laci Star tril­ogy. Let’s get to it!

Arial Adore por­trays the “spoiled model with an atti­tude” theme. She opens the video walk­ing to the stu­dio door, huffs and puffs, and says to her­self “This can’t be right.” She doesn’t like what she sees.

The site tells us Arial Adore is age 25, a porn star. We know Our Man, and we know how this will go. She’ll huff and puff her way through a sexy photo shoot. This won’t last long. Our Man’s patience for that is even shorter than that of the audience.

What we don’t know is that this sets up Vivian, who becomes Part Two of this tril­ogy of long, hard, very real bare bot­tom spank­ings. Vivian cre­ates Part Three, and it too is some­thing to see!

Here we go!

Thirty sec­onds into the video, we know it’s com­ing. “You’re late.”

Yeah… you’re lucky I’m here.”

I’ve heard that before.”

I’m sure you have.”

The cheesy pre­dictabil­ity devolves into good chem­istry in the very first minute. Our Man has lost some weight as com­pared to the ear­li­est Red Hot Videos. He looks good! Arial does some “turn arounds” show­ing her panties embla­zoned “Evil Bitch.” She pats her bot­tom, just dar­ing us.

In case our audi­ence missed that fore­shad­ow­ing, in a spank­ing video, our man announces, “Pos­si­bly prophetic.”

In the next out­fit, show­ing her “assets,” she turns around and slips her panties down for a moment, hang­ing a BA. She all but sticks her tongue out at him. He needs to lighten up and have fun, and she needs to be more professional.

The spark has flown, the tin­der lit. It’s time for the phone call to the agent.

She calls Vivian and demands Vivian drop every­thing and come down, NOW. From our side of the phone con­ver­sa­tion, it appears that Vivian is on her way. Our Man won­ders if we are now wait­ing for Vivian. Arial goes off on this Mickey Mouse bull­shit oper­a­tion, announc­ing how this is the worst thing she’s ever encountered.

Our Man announces, “Not yet, but it will be soon.”

If you can, freeze-​​frame the video just as Our Man grabs her by the ear. She’s clearly the Evil Bitch incar­nate! At this point, Arial is still play­ing for the cam­era but the chem­istry is delight­ful. You’ll enjoy her expres­sive face through­out the video.

The panties come off almost imme­di­ately, and the hard bare bot­tom spank­ing begins.

This spank­ing clearly stings, a LOT. Vivian is on her way and may get the same treat­ment. The ground rules are that the spank­ing will con­tinue until she is ready to apol­o­gize. “Do you think you can break me? Not gonna happen.”

He spreads her legs to spank the inner bot­tom cheeks. “I think you’re lik­ing this way too much.” “I am; you’re right.”

Arial takes a great spank­ing. It’s long, hard, and she car­ries a good back-​​and-​​forth con­ver­sa­tion through­out. They both keep bring­ing up Vivian. Now that I know Vivian gets hers as well, I know that all this dis­cus­sion of Vivian is not just a dis­trac­tion. It’s really going to happen!

Our Man announces that when she’s ready, she will get up and bring him the hair brush and ask him to spank her with it. She clearly is nowhere near ready. Her bot­tom and thighs are already awfully red.

About mid way through, we dis­cuss the “I’m sorry” part. It needs to be sin­cere. She actu­ally says “I’m Sorry” with her teeth clenched together. That brings the biggest hard­est slaps yet, and her eyes get big.

From here on out, her face shows her strug­gle. This spank­ing hurts. “Hurry up, Vivian!”

Our Man reminds her that he’s still wait­ing for “I’m Sorry” and bring­ing over the hair brush.

I’m sorry.”

Now the spank­ing comes hard and fast. “I thought you were done, I thought you were done!”

After the flurry of spanks, she’ll get five more. Okay, six. Seven. She stops talk­ing. She counts the seven, and she feels every one of them.

Now it’s the hair brush. Guess what, it stings!

She’s learned, though. “Ten more.” “If you must” and no fur­ther dis­cus­sion or objection.

Now she’s in posi­tion, against the wall, hands on head, elbows against the wall, legs spread and bot­tom out.

Vivian knocks on the door. She’s heard it’s a chick­en­shit oper­a­tion, and she’s here to see that every­thing is copacetic. Where is the model she sent over?

Our Man points. There she is, nude by the wall, dis­play­ing an angry red bot­tom. “May I ask what the FUCK you did to her?”

It’s called a spank­ing. Behav­ior modification.”

The video cuts off, dis­play­ing an old-​​time silent film movie plac­ard, “To be continued.”

Copacetic: Mean­ing some­thing is in excel­lent order or sat­is­fac­tory. Indeed.


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