My First Year

This story by huny is used on the Old Tom Archive with permission.

As instructed by my Mas­ter, i have writ­ten a piece about the past year in my life, the changes brought about by my sub­mis­sion in this Real time rela­tion­ship. Our inten­tion was to post it in SSS. How­ever, due to the flam­ing that con­tin­ues there, i am reluc­tant to spill some­thing so per­sonal out where ill-​​minded and mean spir­ited peo­ple lurk. i also do not wish to be chal­lenged about my feel­ings or views. i am not an author­ity on any­thing or any­one but myself. But i do wish to share as does He. i love the con­ver­sa­tion sparked by such revelations.


A year ago, a life­time ago We placed our hearts in each other’s hands and entrusted each other to care for, nur­ture, and heal the man­gled organ we each held. Mine now only aches with love and pas­sion and I look and see that Yours beats strong also. We did good, Mas­ter. We found the right One this time. We fit together walk­ing. (more…)

Fantasies Come True

This story by babalon is used on the Old Tom Archive with permission.

hi sweetie -

we went to a great party last night -

it was at a gay couple’s house — lead­ers of the men’s leather com­mu­nity here in the cities. it was a fund raiser for the Inter­na­tional Fan­tasy Week­end and they have a huge awe­some house. it’s kinda like ours only big­ger with an attic dun­geon that’s out­fit­ted with all sorts of fun sta­tions. because of the fund raiser it was being pro­moted to the pan­sex­ual crowd and we showed up and well, showed ‘em how it’s done. ;) (more…)

Bookbabe and the Cane

This story by Michele (Book­babe) is used on the Old Tom Archive with permission.

Mmm­mmn mmm­mmn mmm­mmn. I’ve had my post-​​caning nap and lolled in bed and had a bit of sus­te­nance and read the NG and writ­ten some e-​​mail and I’m still buzzing and hum­ming from the cane.

(I tend to write and speak in run-​​on sen­tences when I’m still bliss-​​y).

Canes have always scared me, and I’d always thought they were a hard limit for me; I’d seen some can­ing videos that scared the bejeezus out of me, and fig­ured they were too severe, that they’d send me zoom­ing out­side my pain threshold.

Wrong. One good thing I learned today is that it’s pos­si­ble to play mod­er­ately with a cane.

Not that they still don’t scare me, but it’s a good kind of scared– the kind that gets me wet. That’s a ten­sion I like play­ing with, get­ting to the point where I’m los­ing con­trol and feel­ing messy and strug­gling to breathe and so afraid of the next stroke of a toy but want­ing it so much. (more…)

The Cane of Curiosity

This poem by LadieJJ is used on the Old Tom Archive with permission.

My curios­ity over took me
And I knew I had to ask
Luck­ily you were happy to oblige
To make the unknown, known to me
To help me ease my fears
The more we talked, the more I knew
I had made the right choice (more…)

The Crop

Thanks to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the crop has become rather pop­u­lar in the bedroom!

Here’s a rid­ing crop from JT’s Stock­room (the link opens in a new win­dow for you). Here are some quirts from Tex­o­maWhips. JT’s Stock­room (now sim­ply called The Stock­room) is one of my favorite providers of inex­pen­sive but high qual­ity bondage equip­ment. I have no rela­tion­ship to Tex­o­maWhips, but their pho­tos look great!

A quirt is rel­a­tively short. Roughly half is han­dle, and half is the whip. The han­dle might be wooden, or might be leather and flex­i­ble. A quirt has two or three rel­a­tively wide blades. The ones I have seen have all been rawhide.

With a quirt, the whole thing is flex­i­ble and floppy. A rid­ing crop, by com­par­i­son, is stiff. (more…)

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