Bun Beating Fun: Holly

Holly” is an over-​​the-​​top porn star. In the first minute of the video there’s no ques­tion that this will be tiresome.

Then we see her, from behind, walk­ing up the stairs to the motel room for the photo shoot. Okay, now we know why this will be inter­est­ing.

Sure enough, the photo shoot is tire­some. She’s show­ing off, fin­ger­ing her­self and licking/​sucking her fin­ger. That’s not why she’s there, but it’s obvi­ously the only thing she knows how to do. We can safely assume she does it well.

Fuckin ass­hole… no idea who I am.”

Here’s what I want to do. I want you to hold your breath, and for one whole minute pre­tend you’re a REAL model.”

She does a move, and asks “Is this what you want for your pri­vate col­lec­tion, you sick fuck?”

Ah, the chem­istry is there. This WILL be good. Here comes the speech, the ear grab, and over the lap she goes.

My fuckin agent is going to kick your fuckin ass. Do you know who I am?”

She just lays there, but her bot­tom turns red awfully quickly. “Fuck you. Get your fuckin hands awff me.” I’m not sure of the accent, but it sounds like a bit of New Jer­sey to me.

She can take a hard spank­ing, that’s for sure, but there’s no doubt she’s feel­ing it. This could be a Clash of the Titans, and it’s surely going to be fun watch­ing it play out. Our Man has an awfully hard hand.

You are such a fuckin dick head. You have no fuckin clue.”

Down come the panties.

Holly is age 27. She is a model /​ porn star. She’s indeed a beau­ti­ful hard-​​bodied young woman. Her bot­tom and thighs barely bounce under those hard spanks. Our Man, ahem, takes advan­tage of her porn star sta­tus, and resumes the hard bare bot­tom spanking.

Now she is feel­ing this spank­ing. Let there be no doubt. She’s get­ting angry, her mouth remains foul, and the spanks get a lot harder. Time to unwrap the goodies.

Back to the spank­ing, back to the foul mouth.

Oh! Now we can hear the tears in her voice. Just as foul, her mouth is, but she’s plead­ing. Just stop, please. The near-​​crying has begun. She’s past the anger, and the real spank­ing is well begun. Our Man finally has her com­plete attention.

We dis­cuss talk­ing politely. This woman’s atti­tude has changed. She knows she’s been spanked, and she’s ready to talk nicely.

Here comes another flurry of spanks, and they are HARD slaps to her hor­ri­bly bare bot­tom and thighs. Holly clearly IS sorry. “Please, I’ll do any­thing. Please.”

He lets her up, and sure enough, she’ll do anything.

Oh, I bet you think the spanking’s over, huh?”

Our Man grabs her ear. Back over his lap she goes. She’s not hys­ter­i­cal, but she’s headed that way. This spank­ing is VERY real for her. She thought it was over, and now she’s back over his lap get­ting spanked some more, and HARD.

This is an intense expe­ri­ence which Holly will remem­ber for a long time. Her head is all the way in the scene now.

You got what you wanted, please stop, please.” Not one swear word. The change is dramatic!

Our Man dumps her off his lap. Will she behave? Yes, she will. The change is indeed astound­ing. She is one tough lady and agree­ing she’ll behave.

As the cred­its roll, we hear one last com­ment, in an entirely dif­fer­ent tone of voice: “You’re worse than the robo spanker!”

Yeah, she’ll remem­ber this one for a while. Stand­ing up.


One Responseto “Bun Beating Fun: Holly”

  1. Greg Edwards says:

    For me per­son­ally, read­ing your equally vivid and astute obser­va­tions of Holly’s bare bot­tom dis­ci­pline was damn near as fun as admin­is­ter­ing the same. Well done sir!

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