Corner Talk

This story by Stranger is used on the Old Tom Archive with permission.

Cor­ner Talk

By Stranger

And what does that make you?” I asked, twist­ing her nip­ples and rub­bing the bulge in my pants against the back of her shiny black panties.

A bad, wicked girl,” she answered, her wrists hooked over the top hinge of the closed door as she faced the cor­ner, breath­ing heav­ily and push­ing back against me as my throb­bing cock rubbed into the crack of her ass.

That’s right. A bad, wicked girl,” I said, slid­ing my hands down over her belly and past the waist­band of her high-​​cut panties, spread­ing my fin­gers and pulling back on her hips as I did. “And what hap­pens to bad, wicked girls who don’t behave?” I asked.

She took in a quick breath and hes­i­tated before answering.

Well?” I whis­pered into her ear as I leaned for­ward, press­ing her into the corner.

They get spanked,” she answered in a quiet voice.

That’s right. They get spanked. And where exactly do these bad, wicked girls get spanked?” I asked, run­ning my fin­gers down along the elas­tic bands which encir­cled her legs.

On their bare bot­toms,” she whispered.

Where?” I asked again.

They get s-​​spanked on their bare bot­toms,” she stam­mered, her chest ris­ing and falling with shal­low breaths.

That’s exactly right. They get spanked on their bare bot­toms. And if I were to have to spank one of these naughty bad girls on her bare bot­tom, where would she be at the time?” I asked, pulling my hands upward and gen­tly rub­bing them over her fleshy mound.

She’d be over your knee,” she whis­pered as I forced her hips for­ward and deeply mas­saged her mons with the tips of my fingers.

That’s right. Over my knee. And how would I spank this naughty, wicked girl who was over my knee?” I asked, lightly stroking her cli­toris through the soft satin panties.

With your hand,” she answered, breath­ing a lit­tle faster than before.

Cor­rect. I’d spank her on her bare bot­tom with my hand,” I said, slid­ing my fin­gers down along her slit. “And would it be a hard spank­ing?” I asked, feel­ing her wet­ness as I reached fur­ther down.

Oh, yes! A very hard spank­ing!” she gasped as she moved her feet slightly apart, allow­ing my fin­gers to con­tinue to travel down­ward between her legs.

That’s right, honey. She’d get a very hard spank­ing on her bare bot­tom,” I said, press­ing the mate­r­ial up into her pussy with one hand and still stroking her clit with the other. “And after she got her very hard spank­ing and her bot­tom was burn­ing and red, what else would hap­pen to her?” I asked.

She’d get fucked,” she answered between pant­ing breaths.

That’s exactly right. Fucked. And where would she get fucked?” I asked as I ground my pelvis into her.

She hes­i­tated.

Where would I have to fuck this bad, naughty girl I just had to spank until she cried? Answer me.”

In her ass,” she whispered.

That’s right, honey… And you’ve been a very bad girl.”

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