Personality Modification #2

This essay by Mid­night Writer is used on the Old Tom Archive with permission.

Per­son­al­ity Mod­i­fi­ca­tion: Tech­nique #2, Pavlov­ian Key conditioning

By Mid­night Writer

This tech­nique is a bit more sub­tle in use than the self-​​programming with affir­ma­tions tech­nique I spoke of ear­lier; it can be used with­out the subject’s aware­ness. One should be very care­ful about what one pro­grams with this, and what one uses for a trig­ger; con­sider care­fully what will hap­pen if the trig­ger is used unex­pect­edly, and the ethics of pro­gram­ming another per­son for what you’re pro­gram­ming for, and what will hap­pen if the trig­ger becomes unavail­able. Go back and read the more exten­sive warn­ings in the pre­vi­ous arti­cle, please.

That said, I used this on Babalon with­out her aware­ness, though I care­fully worded our meta-​​negotiation so that she’d con­sented to it. With­out her informed con­sent, I was care­ful to pro­gram for a fail-​​safe — if any­thing goes wrong, the pro­gram­ming is use­less, but doesn’t dimin­ish her qual­ity of life.

I did this with­out being clear about my goals mostly because I’d never done this with a human sub­ject before, and wasn’t cer­tain that I could. I wanted the “best chance”, which meant that I didn’t want her think­ing that this would be impos­si­ble. The­o­ret­i­cally, it’ll work on a sub­ject that dis­be­lieves it, but at the time, I had no expe­ri­ence of that. Hell, by the­ory, it’ll work on some­one who is aware and adamantly opposed to it; it’ll just take longer.

When I started with Babalon, she was fairly typ­i­cal, orgas­mi­cally — she orgasmed from inter­course if there was enough other stim­u­la­tion, and would have two or three orgasms in a good bout of love­mak­ing, but didn’t always cum, and one orgasm was pretty typ­i­cal. This train­ing has altered her “uncom­manded” sex­ual response — first, she began ejac­u­lat­ing with orgasm, then she began orgas­ming from inter­course with­out other stim­u­la­tion, and her “typ­i­cal” orgasm count went up a wee bit.

In the lit­er­a­ture, this tech­nique has been used to achieve amaz­ing results — the one that orig­i­nally caught my eye was to bring sex­ual response and orgasm to peo­ple who had lost all feel­ing in the usual eroge­nous zones.

(Enough with being pedan­tic, Dan — just get on with the tech­nique, willya?)

To pro­gram a par­tic­u­lar response to a par­tic­u­lar stim­u­lus, first you must have an aware­ness of the response, if not con­trol over it. As I was often uncer­tain of just when Babalon was orgas­ming, I ordered her to tell me ver­bally when she was about to cum. Steal­ing a tech­nique from self-​​programming, I had her use the phrase “I’m going to cum for you, Mas­ter”. When she’d cue me that orgasm was immi­nent, I’d give her the new trig­ger — “Cum for me”.

Now, it’s impor­tant through­out the whole thing to be con­sis­tent — but espe­cially in the begin­ning, so that the sub­ject sub­con­ciously makes a con­nec­tion between the new trig­ger and the response. This can­not be over­stressed, so I won’t try.

Any­way, after some time, I started giv­ing her the trig­ger phrase when she was very excited, but not yet report­ing that orgasm was imini­nent — that lit­tle bit extra of con­di­tion­ing, it’d put her over the edge, and she’d orgasm — sur­pris­ing her, at first. I wouldn’t always give the trig­ger early, but she’d still hear “cum for me” every time she orgasmed with me

This all took place pretty grad­u­ally — we were only see­ing each other a few times a week when it began, so that first phase, implant­ing the trig­ger with­out any mod­i­fi­ca­tion with the trig­ger, took some months. I spent another sev­eral months using the trig­ger in a sub­tle way with minor results — over­all, it was over a year before I began the con­cious programming.

We were at a party, and sex­ual energy was run­ning high, and Babalon was already pretty cranked when I stopped her in the kitchen, and told her that she was going to orgasm on the count of 5. It prob­a­bly wouldn’t have worked if she’d had any warn­ing that this was com­ing, or if she’d been less excited already — but the sur­prise of it kept her from think­ing that it’d be impos­si­ble, the steady count­down from 5 gave her sub­con­cious time to go from “excited” to “ready”, and she did orgasm when I gave her the key phrase after the countdown.

It sur­prised the hell out of her, reas­sured me that I hadn’t been over­hasty in the con­di­tion­ing, and amazed the spectators.

In the years since, we’ve rein­forced the key repeat­edly, done away with any count­down, and expanded it a bit — if I for­bid her to orgasm, she can’t (which I must con­fess is a side ben­e­fit — I never worked specif­i­cally on that con­trol over her orgasm, I just worked on hav­ing con­trol over her orgasms in general.)

To use another exam­ple of how this train­ing works, if I were going to train a male sub’s orgas­mic response, I’d work first on mul­ti­ple orgasm. A few weeks of affir­ma­tion self-​​programming to instill the con­cept that orgasm is not nec­es­sar­ily tied to ejac­u­la­tion would be a good start, fol­lowed by “exer­cises” in which we’d work on regain­ing erec­tion soon after ejac­u­la­tion. Once he became accus­tomed to being able to get it up fairly reli­ably after he ejac­u­lated, the life­long con­di­tion­ing of “I’ve cum, so I’m all done” has been overwritten.

Once he can reach excite­ment, it’s time to work on the goal of orgasm. There are books writ­ten on kareeza, the multi-​​orgasmic meth­ods for males — so I won’t dupli­cate that effort here. I’ll just say that it’ll work much bet­ter with a lov­ing, involved dom­i­nant coach­ing him along, rein­forc­ing the “enjoy this for me” mind­set. Once the sec­ond orgasm can be reached reli­ably with key com­mands, using that key on the first orgasm should bring star­tling results.

As another exam­ple of a key, one could make a habit of stroking his right ear­lobe as he begins to erect. To avoid con­fus­ing the issue, stroking the ear­lobe when he’s not erect­ing should be avoided. Once the “I’m get­ting erect, so my ear­lobe is being stroked” con­nec­tion is made in the mind, it’s fairly easy to switch it to “My ear­lobe is being stroked, so I’m get­ting erect”. Ver­bal encour­age­ment through­out (“I want you hard now” would be a good key phrase) is, of course, recommended.

Once a key is estab­lished for a response, it’s fairly quick and easy to trans­fer it to another key. If you can make hir erect/​wet with a voice com­mand, giv­ing that voice com­mand every time you flog their back for a dozen rep­e­ti­tions or so will have them erecting/​lubricating when flogged, even with­out the voice command.

This tech­nique is cer­tainly not restricted to erotic or orgas­mic response; any invol­un­tary phys­i­cal reac­tion can be repro­grammed with these meth­ods. The most impor­tant key is con­sis­tency — as much as pos­si­ble, try to give the key every time that the response is achieved “nor­mally”, and the key will become asso­ci­ated sub­con­ciously with the response much eas­ier. Spo­radic train­ing isn’t going to be very impres­sive in results.

Another note on safety fac­tors and keys: We’ve all heard that Pavlov used a bell with his famous dogs, and there’s some­thing intrigu­ing about one’s sub­mis­sive hav­ing an orgasm when­ever you ring a bell — but keep in mind that bells are fairly com­mon, and imag­ine the results if said sub is dri­ving in heavy traf­fic when the sound of a bell comes in on the radio. Not a good idea. I could train Babalon to orgasm every time she smelled a rose — but she’d never be able to visit a rose gar­den again, much less plant a rose­bush in the gar­den she works in. Keep this in mind as you choose a key — it should be some­thing that they’re not going to trip over accidentally.


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