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The Crop

Thanks to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the crop has become rather pop­u­lar in the bedroom!

Here’s a rid­ing crop from JT’s Stock­room (the link opens in a new win­dow for you). Here are some quirts from Tex­o­maWhips. JT’s Stock­room (now sim­ply called The Stock­room) is one of my favorite providers of inex­pen­sive but high qual­ity bondage equip­ment. I have no rela­tion­ship to Tex­o­maWhips, but their pho­tos look great!

A quirt is rel­a­tively short. Roughly half is han­dle, and half is the whip. The han­dle might be wooden, or might be leather and flex­i­ble. A quirt has two or three rel­a­tively wide blades. The ones I have seen have all been rawhide.

With a quirt, the whole thing is flex­i­ble and floppy. A rid­ing crop, by com­par­i­son, is stiff. (more…)

It’s Sex Drawer Revival Time

Some­where in our house, we all have a drawer, box, cab­i­net or even closet filled with things we wouldn’t want oth­ers to see. It lingers near our bed and calls to us in the mid­dle of the night when there’s no one there to fill our needs. It shows us our true selves, gives us great joy and teaches us new things. I’m talk­ing about none other than your sex toy drawer (box/​cabinet/​closet/​vault). That sacred place that every woman needs to go every once in a while.

Real­is­ti­cally though, no mat­ter how often you turn to its con­tents, how often do you actu­ally upgrade your toys, clean them and throw out the ones that just aren’t doing it any­more? Prob­a­bly not often. At this point, are your toys a lit­tle run­down and ragged? Are you bored with a few of them? If so, it’s time for a lit­tle sex drawer revival. It’s time to pull em out, eval­u­ate and re-​​up your selection.

First, look at your toys and see if any of the mate­r­ial is begin­ning to break down. Sadly, silicone-​​based lubes, improper stor­age and plain old usage over time can cause the mate­ri­als in your toys to break down. This can be incred­i­bly unsafe, so make sure you toss any toys that look a lit­tle beaten up. (more…)

The Power of Silence

This page of Ser­i­jules’ Jour­nal from Tues­day, April 8th, 2003 is used with permission.

Silence is a given for me, being I am deaf.

How­ever, it’s also given me the abil­ity to learn to com­mu­ni­cate with­out need­ing words, some­thing I have had many part­ners com­pli­ment me on. Find­ing some­one that also has that skill is wondrous.

I have one per­son I play with, he canes me, and our entire scenes are usu­ally done silently…there is no need for him to speak to me or I to him, we com­mu­ni­cate amaz­ingly through small ges­tures and watch­ing each oth­ers body lan­guage even though we do not play often. He can be sit­ting across the room and I just look at him intently, with­out tak­ing my gaze away when he meets it…and he knows what I want, and the canes come out. He doesn’t need to stop and ask me how I’m doing; a hand on my back will get a small, barely notice­able nod from me, and he knows I’m all right to con­tinue. If the hand doesn’t move, I know he needs me to look at him so he can gauge where I am by my expres­sion. If it gets to be too much, he’s real­ized that the slight tense lift of my palm or the length of time that my leg lingers bent up into the air rather than remain­ing in posi­tion after a par­tic­u­larly painful stroke, means that I am near­ing my lim­its. (more…)

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